VDR Features

5 Top VDR Features That Save Your Time

Dealmakers are familiar with the advantages of a virtual data room (VDR). VDRs are an efficient, cost-effective, and strategic approach for buyers and sellers to not only cross the finish line, but to win when it comes to advancing corporate interests.

Venue (DFIN’s Virtual Data Room): Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do

Virtual data room capabilities such as control and file-level use analytics are well-known, but there are certain lesser-known benefits of virtual data rooms included in more powerful VDRs, such as DFIN’s Venue, that may help you close the transaction faster, safer, and smarter.

Documents Can Be Viewed Without Being Opened

Have you ever experienced something similar? You recall the appearance of a document – a chart, a phrase, a picture – but not its name.

Every document in a folder is displayed as a visual thumbnail in Firmex’s “Explore Folder” function. You may now quickly access the information you need by previewing the contents of a folder.

Admins Only: Shortcut To Upload Documents

Firmex’s “Set Offline” tool allows you to rapidly upload documents that only your team should see. Regardless of your project’s permissions, a document that is “offline” is only available to administrators.

As part of your document upload routine, use Set Offline. Without having to create specific permissions, you may review, redact, and internally collaborate on an offline document.

Verify Access Immediately

Want to see what your project looks like from the perspective of another user?

You may rapidly preview your project as any group or user using the “View As” option. Use it to double-check your permissions before inviting people to your project.

In a Secure Data Room, You May Easily Comply with International Requirements

We live in a global world where commerce is conducted across boundaries. There are regional restrictions that must be followed while conducting international deals. Following requirements such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA is simple with a Venue VDR.

Data protection audits may be undertaken across content to determine where the risk of exposure is and offer the means to minimize it. Venue’s secure data room with multi-layered permissions ensures that external parties only see the data they should. Furthermore, personally identifiable information is better maintained because of Venue’s embedded auto-redaction, which allows users to redact data without having to send it to a 3rd person and return.

Internally and Internationally, Instill Confidence

When it comes to demonstrating corporate preparedness, enhancing your brand, and improving the value of your company, Venue excels. It’s expandable, so you can add more capabilities as your company expands – whether you’re seeking to arrange papers as you prepare for a sale or require something more advanced, like Venue’s executive suite, to handle several agreements.

Venue keeps your company secure and intelligent when it counts most.

Working with cutting-edge technology like Venue will appeal to internal teams because of its ease, control, and fluidity. This enhances both your brand and your devotion to your staff, ensuring that they are engaged and productive. When dealing with foreign bodies, on the other hand, you may portray confidence and control by totally branding Venue and providing a smart and professional service.

Venue’s smart technology may save you time and money while simplifying the whole deal-making process, no matter what company requirements really are and where you are in your journey. Venue keeps your business secure and smart when it counts most, with sector capability, adaptability, and Intelligence.